Monday, January 3, 2011

Little Helper

Little Helper

When wood heat is your only source of warmth in your home one can never seem to have enough firewood *grin*.

The steep road that my dad has cut up through the mountain behind our home is not suitable for driving on during the summer months because the ground is just to soft but in the dead of winter when the ground has finally frozen rock solid you can drive all the way to the top. A ride up or down is not for the faint of heart though. On the way up the nose of the truck just points towards the sky and with the road being so narrow it feels like the slightest wrong move may send you plummeting over the edge *grin*. I swear the man is fearless!

Dirty Hand

My youngest guy was so happy to help with firewood today :)

Even though there were smaller sticks that he could easily move in the back of the truck he was drawn to the oversized rounds that required a lot of 'man' power *grin*. He tries so hard up with big brother and Opa!

The temperature has warmed up slightly today and the clouds started to roll in. It's always nice to have that little bit of cloudy insulation during the night time. It makes my job of keeping the house warm easier :) There's talk of snow for tomorrow to so I'm hoping that we wake up to a fresh blanket of snow in the morning!



Jennifer Hoots said...

I am sure you all work very hard for your warmth. You'll have to take a picture or two of the road.

Anonymous said...

I do miss wood heat! Nothing feels quite like it.

Kristy said...

Very sweet to see your little one helping out.

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

Oh that reminds me of my 7 yr old grandson.He is the first to jump in and try to tackle the hard jobs like his brother,Dad, and Papa.Shows that they aren't afraid to work hard and make their way in life...very proud moments for sure.:-)