Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowball Fight

The Chase

Hubby made it home last night just in time for the first big snowfall of the winter :) When the kids woke up they were so excited to see all of the snow that had fallen overnight. We got a little over a foot and it was just calling them to come out and play *grin*.

Snowball fight

Hubby headed out to shovel a path from the woodshed to the house so that we could bring in some wood and ended up caught in a massive snowball fight! The three of them ganged up on him pretty good and at one point he tried to make a mad dash for the house but he didn't make it unscathed *grin*.

Knee Deep

It was tough going for the little guy with the snow up to his knees but he didn't seem to mind. He is CRAZY about eating snow. So we've had the 'don't eat yellow snow' talk a couple of times this winter and I think it's pretty safe to let him munch away LOL.

The Fort

The front yard was turned into a battle field as snow forts were erected on opposite ends and battle lines were drawn. It was great to see them all get to enjoy the snow. Usually we get a huge snowfall like this and it immediately turns to rain but so far it is staying cold enough and tomorrow should provide another day of fun in the snow :)


With any luck we may get a whole bunch more! It is snowing a bit again tonight and it is so pretty :)



Jennifer Hoots said...

Awesome! Snow always looks more fun on someone else's blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Isaac is a snow muncher too. He always says, "We don't eat yellow...or brown snow." I think he's got it down-pat. :)

I love the first pic of your hubby being chased by the kiddos. The look on his face is priceless. I hope the snow keeps up foy you guys. It is so much fun. xo

Anonymous said...

Yay for snow and for whole family fun!

Grace said...

The BEST kind of fun!!!!