Saturday, January 8, 2011

Busy Hands

Scrub a Dub Dub

Busy hands are happy hands :)

My little guy spent a good portion of the afternoon helping me in the kitchen today. It seemed that every time he was left alone and with the older two he got his feelings hurt or there was a squabble so I put him to work *grin*.

He was my personal dishwasher, washing soup pots, dough hooks and anything else that looked like it needed washing even if it really didn't :) His little fingers turned pruney and his cheerful disposition returned. He's quietly playing with his little men and horses beside me now and I can hear the other two monkeys giggling in the other room... all is happy again on the home front :)

It always does the trick. A gentle way of getting him back on track and I just love how when they are little they don't look at helping out as being any sort of chore. If only I could harness some of the energy for myself! LOL. My house would be spick and span in no time *grin*.



Anonymous said...

Sweet. What a lucky boy to have such a wise mama. xo

Jenna Millsap said...

What a sweet post. It brought a grin to my face because my Sweepea is the same way. She can spend hours at the sink *cleaning*. It just doesn't feel like a chore. She is so willing to help out. answer your question about the fire starters (sorry it took so long to get back). You can use them for woodburning stoves or open fireplaces. The only catch is that you will need rather large pine cones for the closed stove. I noticed that small ones just don't smell much. But the small ones might work in an open fireplace. I haven't tried that.

Thanks for your comments and if you have another question feel free to ask again. :)

Kathy said...

Ooh, isn't that the truth! Such a sweet post! Glad your little guy felt better and you had a clean kitchen, too! Double blessing!!

Sandpiper said...

Sometimes they just need a diversion, don't they?! My oldest used to stand at the kitchen sink & wash dishes too.
Hope you're having as good Sunday!