Sunday, January 2, 2011



I find it very amusing that barely 2 months ago I was really looking forward to putting my garden to bed for the winter and not thinking about weeding, watering or what I wanted to can any more. Yet here I am standing out in the field looking at the frozen mounds of plowed earth, turned and waiting for the spring thaw and making mental notes on what I want to do this year to improve my garden!

The seed catalogues have been showing up one by one and I now have a Stokes, West Coast Seed & Johnny's Seed catalogue to peruse during these darker winter days. West coast seeds is my favorite as they have non GMO, heirloom and organic seeds and my list of seeds that I want to purchase is growing larger every day *grin*. I was teasing Hubby that I better start my own personal lay-away plan just so that when I do finally make my order it won't break the bank!

I would love to build a small glass greenhouse for tomatoes this spring on our front patio. It is crazy hot out there in the summer so we never actually sit there and the space would make a fantastic hot house. Maybe I'll have to put my son's new miniature doll house building skills to use and see if he can make a full sized building for me this time :)

So many plans. Thank goodness it's only January....

But wait! Now that I think of it I really don't have a ton of time! The tomato seeds need to be started in February if I want to see red tomatoes before the next fall frost. I better start planting the greenhouse bug in some ears sooner rather than later *grin*.


PS. I've got Day 2 of my Project 365 posted HERE :)

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Tara said...

Just yesterday I was thinking that I can officially begin dreaming about spring. Oddly enough, i am also wishing for snow. Best wishes for the new year!