Monday, January 10, 2011



Oh my goodness did we have a hoot today *grin*.
The icy hard snow provided some super slick and zippy conditions for sledding! So much better than fresh snow and boy did the kids fly :)

The Sledding Hill

Of course where else would we sled but on our own hill LOL. My mom just loves to name all of the trails and roads heading up the mountain behind her house :)


It was a little to scary for me to watch my youngest one go down alone so big brother made a sledding train and they went down together. You should have seen their faces! One was laughing so hard he looked like he was crying and the other screamed with sheer terror as they rocketed towards the end of the hill...

The Brakes

and with good reason!
There isn't far to go at the bottom before you bounce right over the bank and into the creek and field several meters below. This is why I didn't want the little guy going alone and with his brother behind him he could act as the brakes so that they stopped in time *grin*.

We must have spent a good couple of hours out there as they raced up and down the hill and my little girl skated on the ice puddles around the road. She only took one trip down the hill and that was enough excitement for her day. I don't blame her :)

Hope you had a wonderful day to!



Jennifer Hoots said...

There is not much more fun than sledding in the winter! Great hill with a great name! :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like LOTS of fun. I wish we had our own hill.

Your kids are so cute. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm with your daughter, that looks a bit fast for me! I'm sure my boys would adore it though, they'd be whizzing down it all day!

Unknown said...

I love the smiley faces you added to you kids...looks like lot's of fun is being had...Hugs,Mica