Wednesday, January 19, 2011

right now, I AM

Love me

...chuckling to myself as I go through my latest photos :)

Only in a logging community would it be acceptable fashion wear to strap on a pair of cork boots and those trademark wool socks with the lovely red stripe and head out into public *grin*.

I remember as a little girl balling up those exact same socks for my dad on laundry days. I don't think that he even owned a pair of regular cotton socks. It was wool ALL the time and not just in the winter. He even wore them in his sandals in the dead heat of summer LOL. So when my mom joined us for a walk down to the mail with the above footwear all I could do was have a good laugh and see that those good old socks were still being put to good use :)


right now I AM
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Hullabaloo Homestead said...

What an awesome story to go along with that amazing photograph!!! I love every bit of them both!


Jennifer Hoots said...

I think it is a great look! :-)

Andréann said...

socks like that are timeless.
You must have a very interesting mom!

Grace said...

That photograph belongs in a magazine. said...

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