Sunday, January 30, 2011

Model Train Show

Model Train Show

When my uncle passed away a couple of years ago he left quite a few model trains, tracks, buildings and all sorts of oddities to my oldest son and this has sparked an intense love of trains in my son. So much in fact that he is in the middle of constructing a large raised platform in his bedroom that he is converting into a miniature mountain and lakeside scene for his trains to run on!

I was a little worried when he started bringing lumber and plywood into his bedroom and the hammering and sawing began but he promises he won't damage any of his walls so I'm letting him have full creative control of turning half his bedroom into a train station *grin*.

Model Train Show

So when I found out Saturday morning that the museum in the city was hosting the North Island Model Railroaders Club I just knew he would love to go as it would provide a wonderful opportunity for him to really study in detail some of the construction that they use to create their scenery and backdrops. Plus it was a great excuse to sneak in a little sleep over at my sister's house again. Nothing like a mini holiday!

The amount of detail that goes into the background scenes and all of the little houses, people, roads and trestle bridges that these fellows constructed and painted was amazing. I must have taken at least 50 pictures for K so that he can go over them later for ideas as he continues to build his set.

Model Train Show

It was fun for the younger two as well as they watched the trains lap around and around in front of them. We had a few close calls when my little guy's hand went wayward and tried to play with the little vehicles but thankfully I managed to stop him before he actually touched anything! So much temptation was nearly to much for him. LOL

Model Train Show

I don't know how many times the one train went past me before I finally noticed the little red and white MacMillan Bloedel cars. It always makes me so nostalgic to see that logo as we were quite the booming company town in our hay-day.

Old Time Sense of Humor

Oh, those old timers cracked me up! You had to pay careful attention to their displays as every once in a while you'd spot something like this little sign bringing attention the demise of the logging companies here on the island :)

Model Train Show

I wasn't sure that I would enjoy it as much as I did but we actually had a really nice time watching the trains and I know my son's head is just bursting with new ideas :)



Cheryl said...

My uncles used to have the full set up in the attics. There were even sets that went round the gardens. Loved seeing them when we visited each family.

A hobby that people do not grow out of. (or seeing!)

Lo said...

Hi Rosy

My self i can't see the fasination in model trains but my cousins in Australia brothers and both in their 60's still have model trains and belong to some special club, they even built a special room on the side of the house to house the trains will try and get a photo to put on here for you
Myself i think what ever your interest if you enjoy it then carry on, i am sure your uncle will be very pleased that you have taken over where he left off

Jennifer Hoots said...

We love trains too!

karen said...

How cute all those little trains! I look after a little train obsessed boy who would have been in his element here.

.: gardenmama :. said...

it looks like a wonderful day!
i love your banner : )