Friday, January 28, 2011

Nature Walk ~ Seal Bay Swamp Loop

Earlier this week we met up with our neighborwoodie buddies and headed out into one of the nearby trails again for some more good outdoor exploring :)

The Lineup

We were heading to the Seal Bay Swamp so rubber boots were a must. Knowing my crew, boots are probably the best bet any time they are outdoors *grin*.


The trail led us through towering trees, salal, fallen logs and stumps....


and along the winding bends of the stream leading to the swamp.


Once we made it to the swamp the kids had fun looking out on the observation deck as the water rushed beneath it and out the other side. Of course there was a shallow portion of the stream that they could jump and puddle away in and each one had their turn splunking and splashing through it :)


All along the trail were these great wooden signs with arrows and trail names tucked in amongst the mossy tree trunks to show you which direction to go in order to get back out. It was just like Alice in Wonderland as some of them like the very first photo pointed in both directions which the children found quite amusing!

Toothy Knots

This was one of my favorite finds along the trail. The entire center of this log was rotten leaving behind a hollow full of spiky knots. They looked like monster teeth or nails that had be driven through the outside of the log but it was actually the knots in the wood that hadn't decomposed just yet. Very cool!!


There were loads of fungi all along the trail to. Despite it being a bit of a damp and dark day it was so nice to get outside again and enjoy exploring the forest with friends :)



Sandpiper said...

Great pictures! I love those big old trees!

Sherry Gann said...

Looks like a great place to explore. :)

Jessica said...

Such an enchanting place to explore.Beautiful photos also:)

Carol G said...

That is amazing that your January day doesn't have ice and snow. It is beautiful there. Thanks for sharing.