Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Earth Hour

2010 Earth Hour

I hope everyone had fun taking part in this years Earth Hour!!

2010 Earth Hour

We had our luminary jars all ready to go and as soon as it was 8:30pm we plunged ourselves into darkness. What a hoot *grin*. We have plenty of power outages throughout the winter but for some reason it's just more fun for the kids when we do it on purpose :)

A blogging friend of mine had mentioned that it would be neat to put the year on our luminaries and make a collection out of them and I thought that was a fantastic idea! So I changed our Earth Hour jar and added '2010' to it :)

I would have loved to see some of the different monuments and cities around the world go dark but for now I will have to settle for watching this years official Earth Hour video :) If you haven't seen it take a moment and check it out, it's really neat to see. Also hop over to the Earth Hour flickr group and see what everyone is sharing from tonight.

If you've blogged about your Earth Hour I know my children would love to see it :)

~ Rosina


Gillian Ottaway said...

I love your luminary idea! Will be great next year to have a 2010 & 2011 candle :)

Rosina said...

Thanks :) It's going to be really neat after a couple of years to see them all lined up!

Jennifer said...

What an inspiring blog you have! I have bookmarked your tutorial for the Happy Birthday Banner. I have a little one turning 6 in a few weeks and was wondering if I might be able to borrow your tutorial pattern to make one for my little guy? :0) Thank you for such lovely ideas by the way! I know I'll be checking back for sure!