Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pictures Around The Farm ~ Spring Has Sprung


Just when I thought that we would escape any form of winter this year it went and tried to snow today! Thankfully it was only a dusting of snow and the rain & wind quickly swept it away but it is icy cold out there and it's threatening all of the signs of spring that are popping up everywhere :)

I've been sewing up bundles of my reusable cloth snack & sandwich bags for the last couple of days to fill the larger orders that came in earlier this week and I always find that when you know you have to do it you can think of a million other things that need doing *grin*. So now that I got the last of them shipped off today I can't wait to tackle the new spring dress I'm working on for my daughter!

It's a really cute jumper pattern but I'm adding in a couple of pleats to both the front and backside of it and sewing in a bright contrasting fabric inside the pleats. It's a challenge as I've never done it before but I've bot my pleats measured out and figured how much fabric I'm going to need for my contrast colors and it has been calling my name :)


Besides dreaming of sewing projects I've been planning my new raised bed that hubby is going to make for me and a new potato bed that I want to create :) The tomato seeds are in need of planting and by the end of the month I'll be able to get my broccoli started and soon after plant the peas outdoors. Time is moving swiftly!

We found the rhubarb in the above photo is starting to poke through the mulch again and all of the plum & apple trees are coming out in leaves already. If the snow and frozen weather holds off a little while longer we just might have a bumper crop of fruit this year as there a tons of bees buzzing around just itching to get some pollinating done *grin*.

the helper

I just love this last photo :) My son was fixing his bike the other day and the darn cat just wouldn't leave him alone. Nothing like a furry helper getting in the way!

What's sprouting and blooming around your home right now?

~ Rosina

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