Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coming Together Nicely

hexagon quilt

I thought that I would share an update on how L's little hexagon dolly quilt is coming along. I think I'm actually going to get it finished in time for Easter and have time to spare! There's only a handful of them left to sew together and then it's on to the binding, backing and so on :)

hexagon quilt

I'm actually amazed at how well all of the little hexagons fit together. I was slightly terrified that if any of them were off in size at all that it would throw the entire thing off but it's quite forgiving! I've had a few that are a couple of millimeters to long or short on one side or the other but they just sort of work in to the next hexagon without any fussing. So if you were thinking of tackling one similar to this I say go for it! *grin*

L's embroidery

L's been eyeing up my craft bag as I've been whisking it in and out of cupboards, under fabric piles and skulking in shadows with it to catch little moments to sew on it during the day. LOL. She knows that I'm up to something but can't figure out what :)

It did get her excited about doing some fabric pictures and she put together this one using some of my scraps. She spent the morning cutting out shapes and stitching them on to the fabric until she had a story to go along with it. So cute! I think I'm going to have to get some more hoops for her or we could just switch out the fabric every time she wants to do a new one because she's already cutting out pieces for a new one :)

~ Rosina


ArtMind said...

Oh joy, the colors make me superhappy! :)

anapina said...

So nice to see your work!
I really admire the patience needed to make such an accurate handmade work... and love the colors :)