Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mysterious Mushroom & Giveaway Link


I think that I've spent way to much time watching and reading Alice in Wonderland with the children lately! When I spotted this mysteriously beautiful mushroom that had sprouted up in the potted primrose flower I couldn't help but wonder what it might feel like to be ultra miniature like Alice and have it towering over my head!

Oh boy do I have one heck of an imagination *grin*.


I have no idea what kind it is but it has the most intriguing edges around the cap. Not quite scalloped, more pointed with white pointed tips. I'd love to know what it is if you happen to know :)


Since I'm on the topic of the mysterious marvels of nature I wanted to share a little giveaway that I learned about on Natural Papa's blog. He is giving away a copy of Dirt! The Movie.

Dirt feeds us and gives us shelter. Dirt holds and cleans our water. Dirt heals us and makes us beautiful. Dirt regulates the earth's climate. Dirt is the ultimate natural resource for all life on earth.Yet most humans ignore, abuse, and destroy our most precious living natural resource.Consider the results of such behavior: mass starvation, drought, floods, and global warming, and wars.
{via Dirt the Movie}

I don't think that any of us actually think about the dirt beneath us quite as much as we should and this movie is going to shine the spotlight on it and bring it to the forefront of our attention! To find out more about the giveaway and to watch a short trailer on the movie head over to Natural Papa and leave a comment about why you think dirt is so important :)

~ Rosina


Anonymous said...

I think it's a lovely mushroom! I want one like that! Ours are always just very ordinary.

Melissa said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you...anyone with Alice on the brain is ok by me. :)

Little Family Fun said...

Hey there! I'm finally posting about that Birthday Banner I made! I'm linking to your site because you are my inspiration! (Though I can only WISH I were as talented a seamstress as you---I mean, just look at that Hexagon quilt! amazing.)
Thanks again!

Little Family Fun said...

Oh, and I meant to say that it will post in a couple days!