Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mouse Hunt

Earlier today as I was sitting at my desk I noticed a mouse running straight for me. EEEK!! I'm not terribly scared of them but I definitely don't want one running over my toes and when I searched for him he had disappeared. Okay so one mouse is in the house. Not something to be taken lightly as I really don't want it rummaging through the pantry shelves *grin*. I made a mental note to set a trap for him later that evening and off we went about our errands.

Upon returning home my daughter noticed something running across the stairs in the laundry room and was shouting that there was something black running around behind the potato sack! Of course I thought it must be that pesky little mouse again from earlier and when I picked up the potatoes sure enough a little one scurried away behind the freezer. But it didn't end there. A few minutes there were horrified shouting coming from all ends of the house!

There was a mouse in the bathroom, a mouse in the living room and a mouse by the front door and pandemonium was breaking out as the kids ran wildly around shrieking. What was I going to do?! I didn't have enough traps to set in every room and these little guys didn't appear to really know what they were up to. It was the funniest thing to watch really as they froze like deer in the headlights and scurried back and forth along the walls. Poor things, I think they were just a bunch of young ones.

So I did what any quick thinking mama would do.... I got the vacuum! *grin*. I didn't have a broom to swat them with so I thought maybe I could suck them up, and suck them up I did! LOL. I got every single one of them and even vacuumed the floors :) They're all out in the trash can now tightly locked inside. They can rummage around in there for a day until they relocate to the garbage dump because I definitely don't want them to return!

Hopefully that will be the last of our little mousy visitors but we always seem to get a few field mice throughout the year. A hazard of all the hay and grain nearby for the animals. I think I'll set some more traps though just in case so I don't have to chase them with the vacuum next time *grin*.

~ Rosina


Melissa said...

You don't have a cat?A skinny cat is a great mouser!

Jennifer Hoots said...

Yikes! I detest the creatures. You did quick thinking on your toes. Too bad you did not save them in a cage for a few days of science observation. *grins*

Unknown said...

That's the first time I heard about trapping mice with a vacuum. If you want another trap that store the bodies so you won't have to touch them, Victor makes a Multi-Kill electronic trap that stores 10 bodies before you have to empty it.
Here's the trap: