Friday, March 19, 2010

1 Hex, 2, Hex, 13 Hex?

I just love my little rainbow of hexagons :)
So colorful yet so confusing *grin*. I can definitely understand now why I needed to number each of them before starting to sew them together! I had packed them with in the truck today when we headed into town but quickly realized that I couldn't just pull them out one by one to stitch them together and to top it all off I had actually forgotten which way I had arranged them the other day on the table for the finished look. Apparently I'm suffering from short term memory loss these days :)

hexagon quilt

My little pattern indicated that I was definitely not to sew them all together in a straight line but in a zig zagging sort of pattern. So number 1 was stitched to number 2 and then number 13 was attached to number 2. I'm just whip stitching them with a bright green thread because I thought that it would look fun since some of the stitching is going to end up showing a bit on the front side anyways. I've got 5 together so far and I'm going to do a few more tonight and then I'll show you how I'm progressing again :) I must say it's a fun little project!

~ Rosina

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Andréa said...

LOVE these! this is my next project...what size did you cut your hexies?