Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Linky Love

The snow has been falling all day and it has me wanting to sing Christmas carols *grin*. Okay well maybe not quite yet but it does have me thinking about what gifts I want to make and what new holiday decor we can craft for our stash :)

I am loving these adorable miniature gingerbread houses!! I ran across them over at Not Martha and I can't wait to make some with the kids :) They will be perfect to perch on top of our cocoa mugs!

Need a good stash busting project for the holiday season? How about one of these fun fabric flower wreaths! Another perfect project to get the kids involved with as it is just fabric circles layered and tacked to an inexpensive vine wreath :)

These little yarn trees are so stinking cute *grin*. Now that I've started doing more knitting I've got little odds and ends of wool leftover from projects and I'm going to let the kids go crazy winding up these little trees. I think they will be a lovely addition to our nature table :)

And last but not least are these little trinket pouches that will be just perfect for my little guy :) I love the oversized grommets for attaching a carabiner to! I can just see him clipping them to his pant belt loops and filling them with his special treasures or taking them outdoors when we go for nature walks. I wonder how many rocks or pine cones we can fit into one of those little pockets *grin*.

What are you making this holiday season?



Jenn4him said...

Those little houses are the cutest! Jenn

Elsa said...

The tiny house is ADORABLE!

Heather said...

I love to come across new ideas for gifts to make. What fun ideas - must try making those little gingerbread houses and the trinket bags. Thank you for the links.