Saturday, November 27, 2010

Piecing Pinwheels


I'm getting closer to finishing my holiday table runner and I'm loving all of the red :) The pinwheel blocks have gone together quite well although I did have to put my seam ripper to good use and pull a couple of them apart to adjust the centers so that the points aligned better :)


I decided to modify my pattern just a little though after running across this really cute peppermint twist table runner :) So I just finished cutting 48 little squares in a tan linen to place on the corners of my pinwheel blocks to round them up. I know what I'll be working on tomorrow *grin*.

Happy sunday!



Amy said...

Oh, it's going to look great!

anushka said...

i love red and white anything in the kitchen or eating area! so happy! beautiful work...

Anonymous said...

Looks really lovely. Can't wait to see it finished. xo