Sunday, November 21, 2010

Apple Peeler Fun

Peeling Apples

This evening the kids had fun peeling apples with the hand crank peeler :)

Apple Peeler

Opa's apples from the orchard always seem to be a little scabby and the kids prefer to have them peeled so they each took turns cranking their apples round and round on the peeler as it peeled, cored and sliced them all in one easy step :)

Apple Spiral

What could be more fun than that?
I can think of one more thing... how about eating a giant apple spiral :) You should have seen them gobbling them up as fast as they could spin them on the peeler. Somehow it just makes eating them so much more fun *grin*.



Jenn4him said...

I've always wanted one of these! I think I will be looking for one at the thrift stores this year. They do look like fun and will speed up the process a lot.

In Awe of Applique said...

Love, love, love my apple peeler!!! Apple pies take absolutely no time whatsoever anymore and I think it's sweet that my 13 year old thinks that apples just taste better when they are "slinky apples"!!!

Anonymous said...

We have the EXACT same peeler and Isaac will eat two or three apples in a sitting this way. SO fun. xo

Rosina said...

Jenn :) We found this one at the good will to! Definitely keep your eyes peeled for one.... no pun inteneded *grin*.

In Awe of Applique ~ Oh I just love that you call them 'slinky' apples. That's the perfect description for what they look like when they come off the peeler!

Hi Debbie :) I know isn't it amazing how they will eat so many more when it comes off the peeler LOL.

Sandpiper said...

We just have a plastic peeler that we got second hand, but it works amazingly well. I've been doing a lot of baking with apples and the other night I asked for a volunteer to peel the apples. They all wanted to do it! There's something fascinating about watching the apple spin & the peel coming off!