Sunday, November 28, 2010

Outdoor Seating

Falling Behind

Well it looks like the snow is here to stay for a while :)
Our driveway took a slushy turn the other day when the weather warmed up temporarily so thankfully my dad was able to plow it with his backhoe and make getting in and out to the main road much easier! It also made getting around with our sleds quicker to. My poor little guy was getting all tuckered out plodding through the snow *grin*.

Outdoor Seating

During the summer months we purchased a new sofa and for fun we put our old one out on the front porch so that we would have a place to plunk down and rest on. It's a little ratty but our porch is completely hidden behind prickly juniper bushes so it's not visible to any passersby and no one would ever know it was there.

Well... it's still there *grin*. A little crunchier now that it has frozen solid but still being enjoyed just as much as a place for the children to catch their breath on after running and sledding or as a hiding place to avoid wayward snowballs :) I have a feeling that it will probably be there until spring now LOL.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend to :)


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