Friday, November 26, 2010

Power Outage

Power Outage

Last night just as we were getting ready to start cooking dinner the house went dark. Not just dim but plunged into an inky black darkness as the power went out. There's nothing quite like it as you slowly fumble trying to see but not seeing while searching for the flashlight you know is right there on the counter... somewhere *grin*.

Power Outage

With the oil lantern burning and a few candles lit on the coffee table we enjoyed a gourmet meal of grilled cheese sandwiches fresh off the woodstove cook top :) We had so much fun playing Old Maid, Pictionary and a frustrating game of Sorry *grin*. My poor little guy just couldn't understand why his men had to go back to their home base when someone knocked him off the board LOL.

Power Outage

With the children tucked into their bedrooms Hubby and I had a lovely quiet time just sitting in the glow of the woodstove. It really was a treat to spend quiet time without the interuptions of the computer, blogging, or phones ringing. Just the sound of snow thumping down from the trees onto the rooftop and the crackle of the wood as it burned brightly in the stove :)

The power is back on this morning and of course it is so nice to have flusing toilets and water again but I think I could use a few more evenings of quiet. Maybe we'll turn off all of the lights again tonight and play boardgames by candle light all over again *grin*.



Sandpiper said...

Sometimes a power outage can be a blessing in disguise(as long as it doesn't last too long!).
Glad it's back though!

Tara said...

Grilled cheese sandwiches cooked on a woodstove sound delicious, almost like a luxury. an evening spent in front of the fire sounds quite peaceful also.

Grace said...

candle light is so much fun...

Paula said...

That's one thing I miss living here on the farm. When the power goes out Colin goes running for the tractor and gets the generator hooked up. We've got barns full of animals and they can't have the power out for long.

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