Saturday, November 6, 2010


Red cabbage

I am enjoying the cabbage we picked from our garden earlier this week immensely! Well actually we all are *grin*. I brought one of the heads into the house right away for dinner. I had to strip away some of the outer leaves that were loose and bug bitten and extract a few little creatures but those are the joys of organic gardening LOL.

Red cabbage

I was laughing to myself in the kitchen as I was cutting it in half because I was more interested in photographing it and studying the intricate pattern hidden within the head than getting down to business and chopping it up!

Red cabbage

Hubby had just returned home from work and I had great plans of making Rotkohl and bratwurst as a special meal and with all my shutter bugging it ended up taking me a whole hour longer than I had planned to get things out on plates *grin*.


As a child I remember having the most delicious rotkohl that my Omi made and it has been years since I had tasted its sweet and slightly sour flavor so when I ran across a recipe for it I just had to try making it. Mmm, so good!! The kids all loved it to and I knew they would because it really is like eating candy *grin*. Regular sauerkraut made with green cabbage is quite strong and has a very strong vinegar taste but this is the completely opposite end of the spectrum and the kids don't question what it is then LOL.

I'm thinking that this will be the perfect way to use up all of the red cabbage so that I don't waste any of it. I have never canned cabbage though before so I still haven't found out exactly how I need to process it. If you have any experience canning rotkohl please let me know! This would be such a special treat to pull out for sunday dinners :)



Grace said...

That cut cabbage is gorgeous!

erin said...

Are you willing to share your recipe...I love red cabbage, but other than a slaw I never know what to do with it...sometimes it goes into borscht too.

~Erin :-)

erin said...

Oh, I see it now! Thank you. I may well have missed first read-through ;-)

Off to read up...............