Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Taste of Winter

1st snowfall

I love how winter transforms our wooded roads into something magical :) So far we only have a dusting of snow but it makes everything look so clean and bright. The kids can barely contain their excitement as they wait for more to fall so that they can pull on their coats and mittens and build snowmen and winter forts in the yard :)

I've been going through the craft cupboard pulling out felt, buttons and thread getting ready to let the kids loose in our stash so we can make Christmas ornaments. I thought this year instead of just stringing popcorn for the tree it might be fun to make a felt garland to. We don't actually get our tree until around the middle of December but I don't think it's to early to start *grin*.

Strange Sunset

Before I head off to bed I just have to share this very strange sunset with you. We were loading the groceries into the car when I looked up and noticed the sky all aglow. The photo really doesn't do it any justice but what was so interesting was the dark shadows coming from seemingly nowhere. It didn't matter what direction we traveled, it stayed the same. I have no idea what could have been making them but we weren't the only ones gawking at it when I took the photo!

Wishing you all a happy Sunday :)



Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Both are beautiful photos! Happy Thanksgiving:@)

Tonya said...

Truly beautiful! I'm not normally a wintery person... But this year, for some reason, I can't wait for the first snow fall! We've had a few flurries overnight, but nothing has stuck as of yet. The sunset is gorgeous, it makes us stop and wonder sometimes! Have a great week!

Karen said...

Hi Rosie! You live in a winter wonderland for sure! The sunset you captured with your camera was awesome. God's creation always fills my soul with wonder. Love, Mama Karen

anushka said...

beautiful photos! i long for a winter wonderland myself. i would love it if you would share your homemade felt christmas ornaments with us after you make them.

Grace said...

Both lovely photos. That sunset is really cool.

Rosina said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my photos. I am just itching for snow this winter to :) I haven't been this excited about decorating and making gifts for Christmas in quite some time *grin*. It must be the children!! They are just so excited this year :)

Anushka: I will definitely share some photos of our holiday crafting when we are finished :)

Anonymous said...

That sunset is incredible. WOW! I wonder what it was that made those shadows? Sure does make one think about the "mystery beyond."

And I love driving along a wooded road when the trees are dusted with snow. It does make everything seem magical. We still have NO snow. The weather folks are calling for a few flurries on Friday...but they've been saying that for two weeks and still we have nothing. :( I'll have to live vicariously through you. xo

Rosina said...

Hi Debbie :)
I would love to know what made them to. It was so strange! The weather man called for snow here to but we never got more than just that little dusting. I wish it would snow more though as it would warm up the air!! It is SO COLD outside right now that isicles are starting to hang off of the siding LOL.