Monday, November 22, 2010


Christmas Table Runner

I just got off the phone with my husband and the poor guy has been freezing his butt off up at the head of Knight's Inlet :( We have some wicked arctic outflows here right now and the frozen temperatures have made it so cold that they've been running their oil stove and two heaters just to keep warm on the tug.

Here I thought we had it bad. When we woke up this morning the windows in the laundry room which is the furthest room from the woodstoves actually had thick ice growing on the inside of the windows! The temperature is at -10 with the windchill bringing it closer to -18 but poor hubby figures they are about twice as cold :( He might get a chance to come home for a couple of days tomorrow due to the weather so I'm hoping he does so that he can get a chance to warm up!

The kids and I made a few mad dashes outside today to gather firewood, go to the mail and visit my mom but I think we are all quite content to huddle indoors *grin*. I woke up feeling very festive and thought it would be nice to have a new Christmasy table runner for the coffee table in our family room. I have seen some very lovely runners lately and really love the pinwheel style quilted ones so I've started cutting out and marking 4 inch squares of red fabrics to sew up and cut into my dual colored blocks :) I just need to find some white cotton in my stash and I'll be ready to start piecing it all together tomorrow.

Hope things are warmer for you all *grin*.



Tizzalicious said...

Brrr! That definitely sounds like stay-inside-weather!

Karen said...

Hi Rosina,
Your poor frozen hubby! I pray that he is able to come home and warm up, even though you aren't that much warmer. Winter comes early for you all but does it stay this cold? Your beautiful material will make an awesome runner for your table!
Stay well.
In Him, Mama Karen

Mica said...

sweet Rosina, I pray your hubby's buns will stay warm on the tug as well as you guy's...sounds is raining here but still very warm more like a Spring Summery day...I never like California much due to the heat... Blah...keep those tootsie warm..hugs,Mica

Rosina said...

Oh Mica you crack me up *grin*. I was just a giggling when I read your comment about keeping his buns warm LOL. He did make it home today and he was definitely glad to be inside a toasty warm house! I sure could use a spring day like you have right now. I think we're stuck in thedeep freeze for a little bit longer :)

Hi Mama karen :)
We don't usually stay this frozen for long so I'm hoping it will pass quickly but I think we're in for another week of sub zero temps :) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Winter has yet to hit us. It was 15 degrees here yesterday. And Monday night at about 12:30am (don't even ask why I was still up) I opend the door to check the weather and it was like 16 degrees and I almost put on my shoes to go for a walk. Snow is coming though...maybe for this weekend? Who knows. Bundle up and stay warm, my friend. xo