Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Vegetables in the Garden

Red Cabbage

The nights are growing colder up our neck of the woods and with a few frosty mornings lately I thought that maybe we should head out to the garden and pick some of what is left still growing out there :)

Red Cabbage

Any bits of lettuce and radishes that were left behind have now gone to seed but we have a row of red cabbage that is flourishing in the wet weather. I think the kids were quite surprised to find that they had grown so big!

Red Cabbage

Everyone had a turn tearing off the large bug eaten outer leaves and pulling the heads, roots and all out of the soil :) Harvesting is sooo much more fun than weeding! I don't remember seeing so much enthusiasm when it was time to pull chickweed, thistles and other weeds *grin*.

Red Cabbage

Here's one of our larger ones. It must have been around 8 inches in diameter and quite heavy. As I had my little mini photo shoot with the kids you could see that their arms were getting quite tired from lifting them up *grin*. They're such good sports for their mama LOL.


All that's left now are the leeks. They are doing fabulously despite being completely surround by weeds *grin*. We stopped weeding a while ago. Part laziness, part master plan as the weeds were covering the soil and keeping it much more moist than when the dirt was open to the sun and then it dried out so quickly. Haha, see there is a method to my madness!!

I'm not quite ready to pull them all as there are way to many to just eat so I would have to blanch them for freezing so I think I might mulch them and see if I can prevent them from freezing and be able to pull them fresh from the garden as I need them :) How long do you leave your leeks in the garden?



Grace said...

What a gorgeous cabbage. We have one lone red bell pepper left. Will pick today. We had so many tomatoes that did not ripen. I tried to make fried green tomatoes but they were too green evern for that...

Happy Fall harvesting.

Anonymous said...

Our leeks are still in the garden too. (Though they aren't as big as yours.) I wish I had a row cover because I think they'd be able to last out there for quite sometime. Still, leeks taste best after several frosts (of which we've only had a couple - our first was Nov. 1st) so I think I've leave them for a bit longer. Our kale and chard is still going strong. I'm just going to leave it and pull it as I need it. What will you do with all those cabbages?

Jorgelina said...

Gorgeous cabbage.

Elsa said...

You do have a lot of leeks! I'm jealous! I love cooking with leeks, they are so mild and can be paired with anything. By the way, this is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! :)