Monday, November 8, 2010

Think Globally... Act Locally

K recycling project

K's grade 6 social studies this year is all about being a good global citizen and how to "Think Globally and Act Locally" and it just happened that on Saturday the Plastic Pollution Coalition aired a live broadcast all day of it’s TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch conference. We both watched on and off throughout the day and it was SO INSPIRING to hear about how people around the world are banding together to end plastic pollution and just as equally scary to see just where our plastic garbage is ending up.

K recycling project

So we decided that we would start a project that would take us through recycling everything we possibly could and doing a weekly weigh in to see just how much plastic, tin, bottles and so on that we actually use every week. Through this we will be able to track our consumption, work on using less and help us to make smarter purchasing choices to further reduce our plastic waste!!

Our goal is to chart our findings with bar graphs from now until the end of May which is when we usually wrap up our school year and get everyone involved and caring about what is happening in our trash and shopping baskets. My 4 year old has been keeping tabs on what we are putting in the trash to make sure we don't accidentally throw away something we can recycle *grin*. It's great!

I love what J.D. Russo said..
"We need to raise CARE, instead of AWARENESS".

Everyone knows that they need to recycle, reduce, reuse and so on but we need to get more people to really feel it and to care about why they should be doing these things. If you've got a minute you should check out his short talk below... He's 14 years old by the way :)



Anonymous said...

Great idea. Sadly, things that are recyclable in in some areas aren't in others and so I think another *R* you "might" want to look at is *refuse.* If we are buying things (like clamshell containers, in our area) which are a 1 and are supposed to be recycled, but they aren't being recycled, then we are just adding to the problem. Refusing to by things that can't be recyled or reused is a great option as well. We are attempting to refuse all plastic because it just encourages its production.

Anyway, I think this is a great idea for children to learn to be responsible regarding consumption and taking care of the planet. Thanks for sharing. xo

Alea said...

What a great project! My kids actively help me with our recycling. You are right it is important to raise care!

We bring our own mesh veggie sacks when we buy produce to eliminate bringning all those little plastic bags into our home.

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Annie said...

JD has it right on! Thanks so much for sharing!

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