Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yarn Along

A post of my current read and what is cast on my needles ~ Inspired by Ginny over at {Small Things}

Yarn Along

I thought that I would have a finished little girls hat to share with you this week but I sort of dropped that in the dust to work on a pair of gloves :) My daughter already has a hat so it can wait just a wee bit longer but she could really use a pair of cute little fingerless gloves *grin*.

Fingerless gloves

As I was visiting other yarn along participants I found a link to these gorgeous gloves! Unfortunately I can't remember whose blog it was so if you happen to know which mama made a pair of these for her daughter please let me know as I would love to stop by again :)

I am completely smitten with the 'moss stitch' that makes up the center portion of the glove. I had my mom model it for the photo since I haven't told my daughter I'm making them for her. It's going to be a surprise :) She has been anxioulsy waiting for me to make something pink for her so she is going to LOVE them! I've only got one done so far and it is still waiting to be stitched up but from how tight it was to fit it around my mom's hand I know they will be a comfortable fit for her. I can't wait to cast on the second one tonight :)

Now for the book that I'm reading this week. It is The Christmas Table by Diane Morgan and it is full of yummy recipes. I have marked quite a few already for this holiday season. I'm particularly looking forward to trying the radicchio caesar salad. I love using cabbage and radicchio for salads and I've never thought of using it for caesar. It will look gorgeous on our plates with its bright puple purple color!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has cast on this week :)



anushka said...

beautiful! i want to check out that pattern. that's funny that you can't remember where you saw them because that happens to me sometimes too! sometimes i feel like reading through blogs can be like alice in wonderland traveling down the rabbit hole.

Rosina said...

Thanks Anushka :) It is definitely like falling down the rabbit hole! One lovely blog leads to another and another and then all of a sudden you completely forget where you started *grin*.

Anonymous said...

I love moss stitch. It is definitely one of my favourites. The gloves look great and I might have to try out that pattern too. :)

Ha ha - blogging = falling down the rabbit hole. This is the truest statement I've read in quite sometime. I'm forever trying to get back to somewhere specific. :)

Tiny Apples said...

I was just looking at the moss stitch the other day and going to try it. I'm a little distracted wtih making bears with the stockinette stitch. I love how all the stitches have different names but are mostly just combinations of knit and purl. LOL I need to sign up for the yarn along.

Dakota Gal said...

Hi, Rosina! I got a free issue of Parents magazine (Dec 2010) in the mail, and they have a "Christmas memory keeper" that is basically the same thing as your paper bag Valentine book! I'm not saying they stole the idea from you, but I certainly thought of you when I saw it!