Friday, November 12, 2010

Pixie Hat

pixie hat

Oh man am I having fun knitting *grin*.
There was a slight change in plans though. Remember that gorgeous fall colored merino wool that I started with? Well apparently I can't read a pattern properly or maybe I was just to excited to get started but I goofed up and was supposed to knit with two strands of wool instead of just one. So long story short, I ripped out half the hat, started over with adding in some mossy green wool and voila I have a new look! The bright orange tones of the first wool are still there but much more muted now. I'm still loving it though and the double strands have given the hat such a thick and yummy weight :)

pixie hat

The main body of the hat is finished complete with a little pixie top which is so cute :) Now I just have to finish the ear flaps. I had never 'picked up' stitches before so that was interesting to say the least but I think I've got it all under control now *grin*.



Jenn4him said...

Some projects do take a life of their own and end up more splendid than originally planned! So glad you are having fun with knitting.

Anonymous said...

Did you do this with 2 needles? I haven't figured out how to knit in the round like that yet! :) I want to for C's hat to go with his scarf.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I did some crochet yesterday. You will laugh as it was supposed to be a square. lol Now it will be a bell for the Christmas tree. lol

Grace said...

Love the colors.

erin said...

This will be lovely, I can picture it. I like the forest-y, warm colors too. I am still a the stage of knitting where I can manage long random pieces...scarves? Yes, I can make scarves!

I am learning slowly...Matthew is far ahead of me, having made himself a (smallish, but otherwise) lovely toque.

He is, ahem, 9 in 3 weeks! The skills our kids pick up so fast!!!


Rosina said...

Hi Cori :)
I wanted to start really simple so I used two needles and then sewed the seam up the back :) The pattern was supposed to be on the round but I only had straight needles so I modified it a bit for the decreasing part and it worked out great... thank goodness *grin*. To funny about the crochet! That was how my hat was going at first. I had to rip this darn thing apart about 5 times before I finally got it going the way I wanted LOL.

Rosina said...

Hi Erin :)
Isn't that something how children can by pass us so quickly! It took me 30 some odd years to finally get the hang of this *grin*. I'm quite amazed that it's even going as well as it is for me because I've had some real dandy knitting problems in the past LOL. My 11 year old son is knitting along with me right now and he's working on a scarf and to see how happy he is to watch it grow is pure joy :)

Dakota Gal said...

I love those two yarns together -- the colors are perfect. Which pixie hat pattern are you using? I'd really like to make the one in Vintage Baby Knits.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I remember seeing your paper-bag Valentine on the Crafty Crow and thinking it was brilliant!

Rosina said...

Hi Dakota Gal :)
I'm using this pattern from ravelry:
I'm so happy you liked my little valentine paper bag books. They were so much fun to make :) Have fun knitting!