Monday, February 1, 2010

The Charm of a B&B

Guest Room

My mom is gearing up for another busy year at her bed & breakfast :) I do all of her online bookings and inquiries and actually just finished booking a couple that will be visiting from France this summer which will be fun for her.

So today we were playing around in the suite taking photos and getting it all ready for the coming visitors. It's a spacious 500 square feet with 2 bedrooms and a sitting area. The perfect place for a little rest and relaxation :)

Pamper Yourself

We've stayed in a couple of different B&B's ourselves and I've got to say that personally for myself it is a much more relaxing stay when you have your own space within the host's home. This way you're not sitting awkwardly in their living room which usually looks very staged *grin* and you don't end up whispering because you're worried that you might giggle to loudly and disturb someone :)

You can't beat the hospitality that you get at a B&B though. I mean they really do try to make you feel like you are right at home and if you have never stayed at one I urge you to try it some time. The conversation around the breakfast table is always very engaging and if you happen to hit it at the same time as foreign travelers all the better! Y0u meet so many interesting people.

My parents have been doing it now for 9 years and it's amazing how many people send them cards or letters throughout the year, keeping in contact and returning for another visit just as if they were old friends :) How great it is to be doing something you truly enjoy!

~ Rosina

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Unknown said...

We have always had wonderful homey stays at B&B's. The hosts do a great job at making you feel at home. Kudos to your parents.