Friday, February 26, 2010

Photos around the farm

Around the farm

It was a lazy day around here today. Just a bunch of housework and I didn't really think that you wanted to see pictures of me buried under the Mount Everest sized pile of laundry so I thought I'd share some recent photos that I took around our property :)

Weathered old fence posts still standing strong despite their outward condition. They've got character now and so much more interesting with their lumps of moss.

Around the farm

The old cattle truck in its final resting place behind the chicken coop. It's becoming one with nature as the moss, vines and trees grow in around it.

Around the farm

The most beautiful red berries along the trail to the bottom field. They were everywhere amongst the fallen maple leaves and ferns.

Around the farm

Random piles of elk droppings throughout the fields from the fence crashing intrusive beasts. Such beautiful animals to see but oh so destructive. They can rip up a wet field in spring with their hooves and graze down all the grass in summer in the blink of an eye.

Have a lovely weekend!
~ Rosina


feather said...

i'm not sure how you did it, but you managed to make a picture of elk crap look lovely! i'm in love with the blue cattle truck. that's a framer, if you ask me.
thank you for your comment on simplyfeather. i came across your birthday banner and wanted to save the idea for later. it's the best one i've seen. i think i like the white flower behind the letters the best...
i do hope you try out those watercolors. you know, i've never ever had any lessons on using them or any other medium. but i love to use them. get them out. use them. then tell me about it!

Molytail said...

Feather said: i'm not sure how you did it, but you managed to make a picture of elk crap look lovely!

ROFL *grin*

[and oooo... love the old truck!!]