Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday

M's 4th Birthday

It has been party central around here since December with 6 birthdays in the last three months and yesterday my baby turned 4!! Above is the cute little birthday card we made for him to match the 'Happy Birthday' banner that I made :) You'll have to excuse the backwards 'a'. We had a bit of a stamping malfunction! *grin*

M's 4th Birthday

To please all the men in the family I went with the super deluxe meat and cheese platter from our favorite German delicatessen. So yummy and not a piece left for a midnight snack!

M's 4th Birthday

I don't know what it is about ice cream cake but everyone has requested it for their birthday cake even though it's wintertime!

M's 4th Birthday

It was absolutely hilarious to watch M open his gifts. My mom had hidden them around the house and gave him clues as to where to find them. He would race around hunting for them but little did he know that Omi was going to make him work extra hard to open them. She had wrapped them in mass amounts of tape! He wouldn't let K or L help him open them either. So we all giggled as he strained and pulled making the funniest faces as he worked so hard with his little hands to unwrap them :)

M's 4th Birthday

One of his favorite gifts was this cute stamp set. We've been drawing roads on paper and he stamps in all of the vehicles traveling while making up little stories to go along with them. Stamps & playdough are his favorite playthings right now so this will provide endless hours of fun for him :)

M's 4th Birthday

No more birthdays now until August. Time is moving so quickly though this year that it'll be here in a blink of an eye! If only I could bottle time and slow it all down :)

~ Rosina


Melissa said...

I ADORE the card! Malfunction and all it is made of so much awesome!

Jennifer Hoots said...

No way! He is 4? I've had him stuck at 2 for the last 2 years? Oh mercy. I do not like it when babies grow up. If I could change one thing, it'd be that they'd not grow up so fast or as least until we are ready for them to! Looks like he had a great day.

deb said...

What a darling blog you have here!! I found you when I did a search for felt banners. I want to make one for my twin's new BIG KID rooms. :) Thanks for the inspiration.