Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Birthday Celebration

k's birthday

It seems like it was just yesterday that my son was born at 10:50 pm after 28 hours of grueling labor *grin*. Oh was it worth it!! Today he turned 11 and he's not so little anymore :)

k's birthday

We kicked off his party with super deluxe burgers per his request topped with sausage, bacon, mushrooms & cheese accompanied by homemade fries. Wowza! I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at his plate *grin*. He swallowed it in record speed along with a frozen slice of ice cream cake.

Boys... they really are stomachs with legs! LOL

k's birthday

My mom got him a really great hardbound copy of C.S. Lewis' the Magician's Nephew. He loves the Chronicles of Narnia series so he's going to devour this book in no time :)

k's birthday

We bought him a model plane to build completely from scratch :) He's super excited to get started working on it but he's going to have to wait until his dad comes home tomorrow evening. He forgot to leave me the glue before he left for work and it's in the truck! What a guy *grin*.

There were big hugs all around and he even said it was the BEST birthday ever! You always know he had a super day when he says it was the best of something. Makes my mommy heart burst with happiness :)

Now if only I could figure out how to slow down the years so that he would be my baby just a little longer :)

~ Rosina


Sandpiper said...

Those sound like the same kind of burgers my 9yr old wanted on his birthday! I don't now how we're going to keep them fed when they get to be teenagers! And I wish I could slow down time too!

Daisy said...

Happy Birthday! Your son shares the day with my son. He turned 8yo yesterday. Yes, the days are flying by. :-(