Saturday, October 16, 2010

Felt Leaves for your Nature Table

Felt Fall Leaves

Yesterday in my linky love post I shared about the great felt leaves I had found in my bloggy travels and today we got down to business making some *grin*.

fall leaves

This is a fabulous fall project to do with your kids :) The sun was shining again today so we headed outdoors to collect maple, poplar, alder, redbud, oak and other leaves. If you plan on using real leaves and not images from your computer make sure you pick your leaves on the greener side because we had a few that were crunchier and they definitely don't do well when handled by little hands! LOL.

Felt Fall Leaves

As you can see we didn't strictly stay with fall colors either. L being the girly girl had to do hers in pinks and purples. Hey it's all about personal interpretation :)

Felt Fall Leaves

Even my oldest son got in on the project and made good use of his boy-broidery skills.

Felt Fall Leaves

Felt Fall Leaves

My 4 year old was pleased as punch with his mad tracing skills...

Felt Fall Leaves

and he was just whipping along with the needle and thread to! I love doing craft projects with all of them. We're nearly to the point where each of them can just see what mama is doing and pick up their supplies and go at it... a few more years and the little guy will be there :)

Felt Fall Leaves

To personalize our project a little more I thought it would be great to embroider the names of each of the leaves right on them!

Felt Fall Leaves

Felt Fall Leaves

These are going to be a FANTASTIC addition to our nature table! Crafting and education all wrapped up into one felty fun project *grin*.



Mica said...

love love love them...I adore the colors, especially that of which your son used...Maybe I will try some too..i am such a coppy cat when i see something I like...your an inspiration Rosina...How's your dad by the way, did he ever get my get well wishes?...Hugs,Mica

Anonymous said...

LOVE them. I'm impressed your littlest one is using a needle - I'm not so sure we'd have a good outcome if I gave one to Isaac...but I could try. :) Definitely want to make us some of thoses. Very sweet. xo

Anonymous said...

Cutest idea EVER! Re-blogged you here:

Rachel (Lines across my face) said...

These are adorable! I featured this project at Lines Across My Face in a fall leaf roundup.

a happy wanderer said...

these are so sweet! i just had a dream about making some felt leaves, and these are the perfect inspiration! i think my son would love helping me with these, too! thanks for sharing :)

joy said...

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Leslie Lim said...

I love reading, I love blogging, and I love comments! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a wonderful day!