Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Time


Late last night Thanksgiving plans changed and our dinner destination quickly changed from my sisters home to mine. So today was a busy day of making pies, turkey and all the fixings :)


We had a lovely evening all together and we were so lucky that Hubby was able to join us this year. Quite often he is away working but yesterday the kids and I ran up to Hardy to pick him up off of his tug so he could be with us.


The perfect end to a full day was a big slice of fresh pumpkin pie. Mmm, so good *grin*. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend with your families here in Canada and I'll be sure to wish all of my US friends a big happy thanksgiving next month! I think some of you had thought I was off my rocker when I started wishing everyone happy thanksgiving yesterday. Nope I really wasn't loosing my marbles. LOL.



Unknown said...

Happy Thankgiving to you and yours how wonderfully spent with the ones you love...looks quite yummy too...Hugs,Mica

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....nothing like roast turkey. LOVE it. I posted our menu and I have to say it was SO good. Glad you had a wonderful day with your beautiful family. xo

Jennifer Hoots said...

I am so glad your husband was home! That's so wonderful!