Wednesday, October 6, 2010

right now, I AM

swimming lessons

...thinking that today's swimming lessons looked more like a visit to Club Med *grin*. When I was a kid our swim teacher stood over us on the pool decks and barked out orders like a drill sergeant and you worked your buns off treading water, doing laps or learning some sort of skill. Heaven forbid we ever had a moment to actually play. As I re-read that I feel like the old guy that tells the story of how he had to walk to school up hill both ways without shoes in knee high snow but I kid you not our swim teacher was the devil in disguise! LOL. I sure am glad that their lessons are much more playful :)


right now I AM


Anonymous said...

It does look a little like he's on holiday. :) I need to get Isaac into some swim lessons. We did some stuff when he was little - but now I think would be a good time to get him involved in actually learning to swim. Thanks for the reminder.

Jenn4him said...

Times are a changing, friend. *wink*

Justine said...

I completely agree with your memories they are the same as mine. One scary teacher ; )

Earth Mama said...

Very funny! Play is so important. It makes the other stuff well worth it. I hear you about the drill sargent swim teacher. I always thought that would be an easy job as a kid.


Rosina said...

Oh Justine! You do know exactly what I'm talking about old friend LOL. We got the brunt of it to since she pretty much ran every after school activity we did to. I can't remember were you in Brownies when we were little to? Boy do I have some memories from that to!! LOL.

Jenn that goodness times have changed. It really is so much fun for them to go for lessons and I think this time everyone is going to pass. YAY!! K & L were under water this time around and my youngest is completely fearless so I'm pretty sure he's going to do awesome *grin*.

Hi Lisa :) Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm loving your weekly posts!