Monday, October 4, 2010

Her First Quilt

L's First Quilt

The quilting bug has caught hold of my seven year old daughter and she is working on her very first doll blanket :)

L's First Quilt

I am totally thrilled! She has been watching my mom and I craft since she was a baby and I can tell that she will soon be a full time member of our sewing circle *grin*. She's hand sewing all of the pieces together and is amazingly quick now that she has mastered how to tie her own knots and is no longer stabbing her fingers constantly :)

L's First Quilt

Thankfully for now my scrap bag will satisfy her every need for fabrics but I know there will be the day that she will want to shop just like her mama at the fabric store. All I can say is poor hubby's pocketbook! LOL.


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