Wednesday, October 20, 2010

right now, I AM


....thinking about our pet geese we used to have.
I saw the above fella today and it reminded me of when the kids and I raised a flock of beautiful white Embden geese a number of years ago and over time we slowly got down to our one very big male named Tom and when he passed away I missed his honking and welcoming hisses terribly. Such striking animals and are just like watch dogs. You never made it past the front gate without old Tom alerting us *grin*. I used to joke that we really had no need for a dog because all we had to do was let the geese loose and no one dared come near LOL. I think we're going to add some goslings to our spring chick order :)


right now I AM
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Anonymous said...

What gorgeous colours. xo

ps - I responded to you in my blog post. xo

Blogger said...

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