Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boy + Embroidery = Boybroidery

K's Embroidery

My son has been dabbling with embroidery but all of my patterns that I have on hand of course seem to be florals. So he created his own pattern in true boy fashion... a pirate ship being attacked by a giant sea monster!! LOL

K's embroidery

He finished transferring his pattern onto the cotton and is now painting it with thread. Mental note... must get pattern transfer paper for next time :)

I think it's coming along really well & I just LOVE the variegated waves. We're calling it 'Boybroidery' *grin*. The version of 'Manbroidery' for younger boys! LOL.

I know some of you may be thinking that boys don't do embroidery or any needlework for that matter! But hey, I think it's just a form of creative expression and there shouldn't be a gender role applied to it as there are some truly AWESOME men that embroider :) I actually ran across this article about stitching in public & I think it's well worth popping over to read :)

~ Rosina

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Jennifer Hoots said...

Ryan took a sewing class in co-op one year and loved it. I think it is fantastic that your son wants to do this. My grandfather used to sew my mother and aunt skirts. My husband always sews on the patches for us. It's a useful skill for them to learn. :-)