Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hay Run

Hay Bales

Hooray for hay!!

After an hour of phone calls, four farms later & about two hours of waiting we got the call. We had finally found hay :) I was actually starting to worry that we were going to come up empty after I dialed the last number and with the snow falling this morning it was starting to look like a dire situation if we didn't find some fast.

Luckily the little snow squall didn't last long and just as we were about to eat lunch we got the address of a farm an hour and half from us that still had some hay for sale. We saddled up the truck, hitched the horse trailer to the back and hit the road *grin*. I'm really happy with the beautifully big bales of 2nd cut hay we bought. Our cows are going to be super pleased with us this winter :)

~ Rosina

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