Saturday, November 21, 2009

You better watch out, You better not shout....

Letter to Santa

Jolly old Santa is definitely good for one thing... keeping the kids in line at Christmas time! *grin*

We're really not all that big on the Santa story but it was fun to watch my 6 year old write her very first letter all by herself :) She only asked for one thing, one of those 'Littlest Pet Shop' animals. I think I can manage that plus they really are the cutest little things with their nodding heads! My oldest is to smart for his own good though and knows darn well that when we drop her envelope into the mailbox Janet down at the post office is going to write back so he's not writing a letter this year LOL.

I'm still trying to dry out the house and with both wood stoves going and all of the moisture in the air it was a bit like a sauna in here today. On the plus side there was a little patch of concrete in the basement that wasn't completely submerged in water. YAY!! A very good sign :)

~ Rosina

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Jenn4him said...

My youngest two wrote Santa letters this year, too. They wanted to thank him for the candy canes he gave them when they sat on his lap. They know the truth, but love to play along. You kindly asked how school is going. Well, I think OK. I was not able to get a Canadian history book, but we did do some online searching and found the info we were looking for. We are now into state history, our state to be exact. It is a requirement of 4th grade here. I am so glad to hear you are drying out.