Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flood Watch

Flooding 2007
(The aftermath of a 2007 flood. Water was finally low enough that we could wade through to the end of our road and see how far the river had receded)

I thought we were going to get lucky and not have to worry about flooding this winter but I guess I was wrong. Historically we have always had heavy rains and the threat of flooding right around November 11th each and every year since I was a little girl and quite often it results in flooding. Sometimes it's minimal and we hardly even notice and other years it hits us hard.

In 2001 we were away the weekend around Nov.11th and it flooded. We returned home to a basement full of water and mud & silt all through our laundry room & garage as it is a few feet lower than the main level of our house. But it didn't stop there. We were hit two more times in a matter of a week!

Flash forward... the raging waters encroached our home again. This time hitting in the middle of the night. By the time we awoke it was nearly to late to escape to higher ground. With my baby on my back in a carrier and my toddler in my arms I waded through thigh high deep water as I made my way to my parents house across the newly formed river where they are high enough on the hill that the water doesn't reach them. You never forget the feeling as you stand on the edge of your yard that has now turned into a full fledged river and watch your house surround with water slowly creeping higher up its walls.

Well here we are 2009 and it's happening again. Mass amounts of rainfall and snow melt are once again causing the river to swell. The pond in our backyard is spilling over the banks and the irrigation ditches around our home are dangerously high. The ground water is coming up and I expect to find water in the basement very soon.

I'm ready no matter what happens. Our clothes are packed so that we're ready to leave if necessary but I'm hoping that it will pass without to much damage.

~ Rosina

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Rose said...

I hope this time the water receded before it gets to your house. We had a lot of rain in our area last week and some surrounding areas flooded but our house is on a hill so we were fine.