Monday, May 3, 2010

Stitch Along Update

Oh my I don't know what happened to the color of my photo but my beautiful yellow is not so pretty looking here is it :(

I'm just about finished stitching my grid. Yay! I took it along in the truck today and worked on it while hubby drove us in :) I'm just doing a simple back stitch and it's coming along nicely. Only a few more rows to go and I'm finally going to tackle my first block!! Slow and steady wins the race right? *grin*.

We were hauling our travel trailer behind us today to have it checked over before heading out camping for the season and I thought I'm definitely going to have to stitch a camping block. Perhaps a cute little teardrop trailer would be perfect :) I've always thought they were the sweetest little things LOL. Much to small for our family of 5 but so cute just the same :) Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something much more exciting to share with you!

Happy stitching :)
~ Rosina


alicia in Hawaii said...

The yellow is pretty! Yellow is one of those colors that is hard to photo or get to show up on a monitor...but, I can imagine that it is very pretty. It seems full of 'sunshine'!
alicia in Hawaii

Mitsy / ArtMind said...

Hey Rosina, haven't dropped by here for a while and just browsed around a bit. I love all the outdoor challenge pictures - what a great idea that was! I bet the kids loved it!
And that stack of fabric just made me instant happy! Goodluck on the quilting - the grid looks so pretty already!