Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Market, To Market, We Go

Plant Collector nursery

Today was a day full of farmer's markets, street vendors and plant collectors :)

We left home at 8am and made our way down island to the Comox Valley to soak up all of the goodness that makes up the Farmer's Market. When we arrived just before 1oam the place was buzzing with activity! The food vendors were offering up tantalizing loaves of fresh bread, cookies & rolls. There was an abundance of vegetable plants to be purchased, lovely fresh produce to be turned into a delicious dinner, and more :)

With our organic lettuce and gingerbread men cookies tucked inside our trug we headed off to check out the street vendors at the annual Empire Days. So many wonderful items to tempt the pocketbook *grin*. We found a very skookum horse chestnut tree for $5 and stopped at the Wandering Moose Cafe which is now in the former post office. A beautiful heritage brick building which was built around 1907. I remember going there with my grandmother as a little girl so it was quite nostalgic :)

On our way home we passed by the Highland games that were in full swing and we burst out into school girl giggles as we remembered the photo on the front page of the paper after last years games with I believe 'Dave' in his kilt throwing something and the front of his kilt flying dangerously high. High enough that you nearly found out of they really do wear their knickers underneath those things! LOL. I know we're just so terrible for thinking such thoughts *grin*.

The last stop we made before making it home this evening was at the Plant Collector Nursery which is the photo above. Such a beautiful place to explore with it's Snow White-esque cottage in the center which is actually the office. With the classical music that was playing throughout the garden I think we could have spent the afternoon gazing at the blooms and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. A perfect ending to a lovely day!

~ Rosina


Jennifer Hoots said...

I am looking forward to going back to our farmer's market soon. They are special places, indeed.

paula said...

My husband gtook me on a Sunday Drive and we ended up at one of the local plant farms . . . a family business since 1854 . . . I believe the sign said.

We found two climbing roses. 1 a Josephh's Coat . . buds, blooms and mature flowers are different shades of yellow, orange & pink.

the other rose, I can't remember the name, was a red so deep it was almost black and had the BEST rose smell.

Last but not least, a Russian hollyhock (yellow) and a columbine with a white flower and blue "pantaloons."

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Paula :) Oh I just love the Joseph's Coat rose! They have such pretty blooms :) A friend down the road had one but our winters are just to hard on them and she lost it. Enjoy its beauty!

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