Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trout Fishing

trout fishing

The boys decided that they needed a fishing break today so Opa and K headed of to a nearby lake for a little trout fishing :) They were only gone a little over an hour and they were back with 8 nice cut throat trout. The above photo is K showing off one of his :)

trout fishing

It was like watching myself as a little girl. Dad used to take my sister and I fishing all the time and we learned to be masters at baiting our hooks with worms and cleaning fish *grin*. So now to watch my dad take K and to hear all of their funny stories of the big one that got away, bobbers & hooks that got caught up on the snags, or how K's leg shakes uncontrollably every time he catches a fish is just priceless :)

trout fishing

One very nice perk to all of the fishing is the heads left after cleaning. They make FANTASTIC fertilizer for plants!!! You can throw them underneath any flowers that you are planting and they will be bigger and have more blooms than ever before :)

Works great for the vegetable garden to! If you have a spot in your garden that you can spare, dig a hole, drop in the fish guts and then cover it up well. Next spring you will have some very good fish compost just like the sea soil you can buy for fertilizing your vegetables with :)

Trout fishing

Now that they're all finished being cleaned we're going to have them fried for lunch tomorrow. So delicious and great brain food to *grin*.

Bon appetit!
~ Rosina


Anonymous said...

What great memories that your dad is creating for your son...and for you to relive your childhood through him. Priceless indeed. Sadly there is no water for us to fish in around here. Well, there is the Thames River (and many people do fish in it) but it is so polluted I would never risk it. Looks like a lovely day. Did you get to clean all those fish? You are braver than me. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to chuckle about the fish guts picture. We so need to live closer and be good friends! We LOVE to fish. Wish I was as good about cleaning them, so we'll just have to teach the boys right away and let them do it for me. LOL ~Cori at Wonder in the Woods