Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nature walk along the Puntledge

museum outing6

I know our daily nature sharings are over but that doesn't mean that our outdoor explorations have ended :)

museum outing9

Today we trekked along the Puntledge River with a small group of homeschoolers to find a marshy area where we could search for frogs & salamanders.

museum outing4

After flipping over rotten logs, collecting worms and seeing lots of little wood or sow bugs we finally came to a good wet spot to search for frogs but there were none to be found. There was a brief sighting of a tree frog hopping out of a skunk cabbage but other than that we came up empty handed :(

Check out the size of that skunk cabbage! It's just about as tall as M *grin*.

museum outing5

There were lots of native plants to be found. This beautiful pink Salmon Berry bloom...

museum outing2

Trillium flowers...

museum outing3

I'm not sure what these are but they had the most interesting blooms that looked like they were ready to explode...

museum outing8

and loads of pretty Bleeding Hearts :)

museum outing

As the rest of us scouted out the area for salamanders and other critters M and daddy stole a quiet moment by themselves and watched the river rush by :) It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

~ Rosina


aware said...

Looks like a beautiful place to explore!

Anonymous said...

I love that you know all those plants. I likely would have only known of the trilliums (our provincial flower) and the bleeding hearts. Very impressive. I need to get better at that. :)
Looks like a great day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Looks so similar to our area... So those are bleeding hearts. Not much resemblance to the ones in hanging pots, except the flower. Yes, lets trade knowledge! Looks like a wonderful hike for all of you. :-)