Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Blooms

chive blooms

Some of the pretty blooms that are out around the yard.

You've got to love chives! Deliciously edible green stalks and if left to bloom gorgeous lilac blooms will appear that are not only pretty to look at but add a nice spicy kick to salads :)

Lupin bloom

Volunteer Lupins that have self seeded themselves all along the gravel driveway. These beauties just love to reproduce themselves and love poor soil. Don't try to dig up a mature plant though for transplanting. They have a tap root like a dandelion and don't take kindly to being moved. Start them by seed and they will double and triple in numbers all by themselves the following years :)

columbine bloom

A wild Columbine or Aquilegia that we found growing in the hay field. Aquilegia is derived from the latin word aquilinum which means 'eagle like' because the spurs on the ends of the flowers are compared to the talons of an eagle. I just love the native species but you've got to see the hybridized doubles. They have the prettiest petals that look just like layers of petticoats :)

rhubarb bloom

I can't believe it but our rhubarb is already starting to go to seed! They have these very tall spikes covered with little white flowers and if you let it finish blooming it will actually produce seeds. Yes, you can grow rhubarb from seed!!! My mom has quite a few pots of them growing right now from last years seed and I must say they are growing at a very vigorous rate to. I'm going to pinch off the bloom though as I want to keep producing yummy stalks of rhubarb to eat *grin*.

What is flowering in your yard right now?
~ Rosina

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