Saturday, May 1, 2010

100 Block Grid

Wow! 100 blocks. I decided to go ahead and create the entire grid of 100 blocks for the stitch along after all *grin*. Talk about indecisive!

100 blocks

Thank goodness I've got a nice long quilting ruler. It made creating the grid much easier as I could line up 6 inches at a time of the one inch intervals consecutively across the ruler using the markings and keep watch to make sure I wasn't getting off track and crooked with each new row :)

Even with all of the checking and re-checking it is slightly out but not noticeable and I made one little boo boo and drew a line to long but I'll just have to cover it up with some creative embellishment *grin*. Tomorrow I'll tackle stitching up the grid and covering the pencil lines!

Happy stitching,

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alicia in Hawaii said...

Terrific! I'm glad you are stitching along! I have you on my reader and am looking forward to watching as the project progresses. I've only just finished 2 squares so far. Other people have finished more already! Glad you've joined in!
alicia in Hawaii