Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recycled Leather Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone case

My mom has to be one of the few people that don't actually own a cell phone :) I must say at times I envy that she doesn't have one as I personally don't like mine and conveniently leave it in the trunk of my car *grin*. Shhh, don't tell my hubby! LOL. He uses his for work on the tugs so chats on it constantly but mine is pretty much for emergencies only and I avoid it like the plague!

Mom has been hinting that she wanted one and when we switched our cell phone plan a couple of years ago we got new phones and my old one has been kicking around in the junk drawer ever since. So as a special surprise I've had it activated for her on one of those pay as you go plans :) There is no cell service where we live so it only works when we head into the city but it comes in super handy when trying to meet up with my sister or if someone needs something brought home. So the pay as you go will be much cheaper than having a plan as I'm sure the $10 card will be more than enough for a month.

Cell Phone case

I found some really great red leather scraps at an upholstery shop and a leather skirt at the salvation army that were perfect to upcycle into a snazzy cell phone case. Most purses are like giant manholes and just swallow up things as they go in... well at least mom's and mine are so I thought I would make a case for her phone to go in so that it might be easier to locate it when it rings :)

I wanted to give it a two tone look and started by sketching out circles on paper to figure out my design before chopping into the leather. Who knew circles could be so hard! It took me a bit to work out the spaces in between each one where I had my little peek a boo triangles as it looked totally different with the pen drawings than it did when you flipped it over and looked at it like it was the leather.

Cell Phone case

Next was putting all of the pieces together which was quite fun. I love figuring out all of the dimensions. It's like a puzzle :) In the past I have given my mom my phone to hang onto when I haven't had a purse and when it has rung she has gone into a bit of a frenzy scrambling to get to it before it stops ringing so I thought having a ribbon inside that popped the phone out of the case easily would be fantastic! I stitched a button hole shape into the backside of the case, clipped it open and slid some nice wide grosgrain ribbon through it and looped it inside the case.

Cell Phone case

It works fabulously! You pull the ribbon, it shoots out the phone and when you push the phone back in the case it slides the ribbon back down with it and you don't have to try and feed the ribbon back in at all. It does it all by itself! Love it!

Cell Phone case

I can't wait to surprise her with it tomorrow for Mother's Day :)

~ Rosina


craftydill said...

Fantastic Rosy! I love the circles, the leather colors and the ribbon idea!!
Happy Mothers Day!!

Sandpiper said...

You're so creative, looks great!
I'm sure your mom will love it. I have a cell phone only for emergencies too.
Have a Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

That case is really nice. Love it.
We also don't have cell phones. I don't think there are many of us left... :)

Acxyl Klein said...

Bloody casing! Cute in red cases. LOWER PRICES. Love this.