Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bean Netting

Bean netting

The sun was out today finally and with Hubby home I thought that I better grab him quick and get some of the manly jobs done around the yard *grin*.

The old bean fence in the garden is starting to fall apart and tip but I'm going to squeeze one more season out of it! So hubby braced it up and it's nice and sturdy again so I can hang some netting on it for the beans to climb on :)

Red wagon

We have loads of old gill net from Hubby's grandpa packed in giant sacks and when I loaded it into the kids' little red wagon he decided that he needed a lift to *grin*. The kids were up to the challenge and towed daddy around and around the yard, even up the hill in the front yard so they could run him back down at break neck speed. A couple times I thought for sure they were going to tip him right out of the seat!

Bean netting

I love using the gill net to grow the beans up. It's nice and light weight and anywhere there are fishermen there is bound to be some old net that is to damaged that they no longer want to repair it and will give it away :)

Bean netting

As we stretched it over the stand hubby staple gunned it to the posts.

Bean netting

I don't have a photo of it completely finished but you get the idea *grin*. Tomorrow I'm going to lay down landscaping felt on the ground behind the stand and cover it with bark mulch to keep the weeds from taking over again. I just spent the last two days ripping out the last of the salmon berry bushes, thistles and knee high grass that had taken over along the perimeter of the fence. What a nightmare! That's what happens when you neglect your weeding duties LOL.

Each day take us a little bit closer to finishing all of the weeding, prepping and planting and then it'll be on to easier tasks like just watering. For now I can only dream :)

~ Rosina


Anonymous said...

That netting looks great. Can't wait to see the beans once they've all climbed up. Oh...and weeding - yuck. I mean, I really don't mind it. If you keep up with it it's not so bad - but I'd rather plant and water...than weed. Glad your husband can be home for a couple of days so you can get your stuff done. :)

Jeni said...

Your garden is really coming along beautifully, it makes me a little sad that I will be losing mine this summer.

Unknown said...

what a man!!!! Thanks for popping over my blog...I wanted to make sure I gave you credit for the dandelion cookies....hope that was okay by the way...we are still trying to recoup from the flu...slowly getting better...maybe it was the cookies.LOL...Have a great Memorial weekend. I am surely enjoying your blog.Hugs,Mica

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Hi Jeni :)
Thanks so much for your kind comment :) You must be in the middle of moving? I hope that you will be able to find a little spot to do some planting this summer :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your garden and doings around the house. The netting is a good idea. I got bush beans this year. I did not get out for those tomato starts yesterday. Found out our PS friends were out of school so we had a big playdate. Today we are fishing, so I hope to have a fish guts pic too. LOL