Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Cleaning & Holiday Catch Up

I've been trying to tackle some rather large cleaning projects around the house. I think most people do a really big spring clean but I sort of guffawed at the thought of cleaning earlier in the year and now of course I'm paying the piper as I have all of the bedrooms in different stages of disarray and today I ripped through my kitchen like a hurricane *grin*.

One really triumphant moment was the removal of our microwave today! It has sat dormant on my counter for numerous years never getting used as I don't really believe in using one for cooking or reheating. I had casually passed it by Hubby the last time he was home from work to see if he had any problems with my idea and he had none so my oldest son and I carried it away this afternoon and said adiĆ³s to the beast LOL. I must say I am LOVING the extra counter space that it has freed up :)

All of this really didn't make for exciting picture taking though so I thought I would share some photos from our family trip to the BC interior this summer. I had planned to share them months ago but when we returned home we were busied with dad's cancer and such so they went into storage. So today I'm sharing some for your viewing entertainment *grin*. And my dad is doing great to! He has recovered, and his latest CT showed no cancer :)

to loon lake

The mighty Fraser River. We had just left Lillooet and were heading south to Loon Lake where we were to meet up with some of Hubby's family for a weekend on the lake.

to loon lake

This particular stretch of the highway was being repaved so we had quite a stretch of gravel road to travel.

To loon lake

The highway winds along the Fraser River for quite some time before heading away from it. Unfortunately ALL of my photos are hazy because of the heavy smoke that was hanging in throughout the region from the forest fires. We actually stayed at the same campground in Lillooet as a large group of firefighters that were out battling the fire every day. It was a little unnerving to be in so much smoke and to watch the helicopters with the massive water buckets come and go in the mornings and evenings.

duffy lake road

Taking in the circle route via the Duffy Lake road.

duffy lake road

If you have never taken the Duffy Lake road it is quite the experience especially when you are towing a fully loaded travel trailer behind you. It is the highway 99 just outside of Pemberton and used to be nothing more than a logging road but over the years it has been paved and to our surprise it had been resurfaced again lately so most of the road was actually in excellent shape!

duffy lake

It is a beautifully scenic drive that takes you STRAIGHT UP through the Cayoosh mountains and when I say straight up, I mean heavenward *grin*. You definitely need a full tank of gas, and some good breaks for this stretch of road. We must have climbed for a good 1/2 an hour to 3/4 of an hour and at some points we were only in first gear in the truck because of all the switch backs and hair pin turns! When we finally crested we came upon Duffy Lake which was just like glass and full of the reflections of the surrounding mountains. The air was much clearer up there to. When we were in Pemberton the smoke had been so thick that we couldn't stay outdoors for more than a quick walk to and from the truck so it was nice to be able to breath more freely and we lunched along the lake :) The final leg of the journey of course was straight down and that's where the good brakes part came in! LOL.

Hope you enjoyed a little look into our holidays and I'll have to share more with you another time :)



Jennifer Hoots said...

I want to move to BC now. :-)

Anonymous said...

I find that this year I've done more of a fall cleaning than a spring cleaning too. Still so much to do. :)

So glad to hear you dad is cancer free. Isn't that just the BEST news?

GORGEOUS pics. I can't wait to visit BC someday. The furthest west I've ever been is Edmonton. Someday...

xoxoxo - Debbie

Laura said...

Whoa. Stunning! And what wonderful news for your Dad!