Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow & Snakes

Catching snow

Am I the only one that is surprised the we're nearly at the end of February? We're gearing up for our last winter birthday this sunday and all of a sudden it hit me that there are less than two weeks before we hit March. Holy batman!


We got dusted with a little more snow over the last couple of days and it's my little guys birthday wish to have enough snow when he turns 5 on Sunday to go sledding on *grin*

I'm not sure if I can guarantee that the snow will last as it seems to come and go so quickly these days but I'm working on knitting up an adorable little snake that eats felted mice! I found the pattern on ravelry and fell in love with it instantly. I know he is going to get the biggest kick out of it and I'm going to use some of the new felt rovings I got to make a colorful assortment of mice for his new snake to gobble up inside its knitted body *grin*.

I was trying to sneakily work on it in the truck today when we went into the city to pick up birthday supplies and run errands with Hubby but had to stop when I got to the head so that no one would guess what I was knitting. I had them going that I was making very skinny socks for a doll but that wasn't going to work for long LOL.



Anonymous said...

We got some thick white rain today but nothing to stick. Would like to see some before winter is officially over. We might have to drive to it. Love all your knitting too. I might have found a new merino wool supplier. I'm anxiously awaiting their complete set of card color samples. *grin* Can't wait to get my hands on them! ~Cori

nunu said...

this is so cute rosina! i have the hardest time keeping knit presents secret. i am too tired to knit after ezra falls asleep and he's always very curious about my knitting. love the colors you chose for the snake. the yarn looks fun to work with.

MissGinger said...

great picture! and i just love yourmushroom too!
i have awarded you with a stylish blog award on my latest post.

Julie said...

Love the yarn, can't wait to see it finished! We haven't had any snow in wks. Once the snow is done I'm ready to just usher winter right on out.

Grace said...

It was 74 degrees here today! WOW!
I love the orange green yarn combo.

house full of jays said...

The snake is so cute!! I love it!