Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nature Walk ~ Northeast Woods

King of the Castle

Mother nature provided another wonderful day for an outing with our Neighborwoodie friends this week as we ventured into the Northeast Woods :)

Northeast Forest

There were mountain bike jumps to be climbed, sticks to be collected, overly friendly dogs to be dodged and a lot of 'I'm the king of the castle and your the dirty rascal' songs to be sung.

The Lure of Mud

Of course there were the usual trail hazards to be navigated like this very tempting mud hole that begged for boots to be wiggled in....


and an oversized mud puddle covered in a sheet of ice just perfect for some splish splashing *grin*.

Carrying Ice

My oldest managed to salvage a large chunk of ice from the water before it was stomped on and broken into small bits...

Nature's windchime

and another girl found a tree branch with squares of ice frozen to different parts of the needles that clanged together as it was shaken about.

Mother nature's wind chime :)

Rock Climbing

So much fun to be had in the forest :)


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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun...the only walks in the woods I get now are at the park...but that's fine. The parks near by are quite lovely!